Laser Goddess

Laser Destroys the follicles in the Anagen Phase.

How many times do I need to do it?  Hair grows in cycles. The laser treatment can effectively damage hair that is in the early growth cycle. Approximately 20% of your hair is in that cycle, so each laser treatment will treat that amount each time. The rest of the hair will be ejected out, but it's growth cells are not effected. When you come back for additional treatments, we will treat them. Most people require 6 treatments for an area to get an 80 to 90% permanent reduction.If you are fortunate you will see great results by your fourth treatment.
It is best to come back for your next treatment when you have an ample amount of new growth (4 to 6 weeks). All of that hair is in the early growth cycle and can be effectively treated. If you wait a long time, it will not be in an early growth phase. All lasers require the same amount of treatments, because it is the hair growth cycles that effect the amount of treatments. Dark and coarse hair gets the best results.

Is there any thing I need to worry about? There are a few precautions. NO SUN, TANNING BEDS, SPRAY TANS OR SELF TANNERS 2 WEEKS BEFORE A TREATMENT. I don't treat pregnant ladies. If you took Accutane, Amnesteem, Claravis, Sotret or Isotretinoin I need to know, you will need to wait 6 months. If you take any other medication that makes you sensitive to the sun, let me know. Please let me know you are under the care a doctor for anything.

What will I look like afterwards?  Most people have reddened skin that lasts 30 minutes to 2 hours. Some of the hair comes out during thetreatment and the rest will come out during the next few days. Sometimes areas that have very dense and coarse hair, like some men's backs can have 
some slight redness that lasts a few days. Then you are totally smooth!

 Is it permanent?  It is called a permanent reduction.It is not that you will never have another hair grow in the area again. It will be permanently reduced. Hair is part of the skin structure,it is supposed to be there. You will have almost no hair in the treated area. Anything that possibly grows there will require you to look closely under very bright light. 
The only thing that can be interfere with the Laser Goddess not giving you a permanent reduction is certain conditions or medications. If you were diagnosed with PCOD, polycystic ovarian disease, treated with long term steroid therapy or testosterone, it can be more difficult. In all my years as the Laser Goddess, I have treated many people with these conditions successfully. They usually require maintenance treatments. It is definitely a permanent reduction, you will never have to struggle with waxing, tweezing and shaving again


Does it hurt?  Well, I am still waiting to meet the person that says "laser treatments feel good". People say it is worth it because they love the results. They even thank me BEFORE the next treatment, not usually right after it.Seriously, no one says it feels good, most say it hurts, but it is tolerable because it is not for a long time. Only 10% or less of the people that I have treated over the years use a topical anesthetic. When I meet you we can talk more about that